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Company Philosophy

As an engineering firm with an interdisciplinary approach we offer solutions that are based on state-of-the art technology, but we are also able to incorporate the latest trends in engineering, IT, licensing laws or radiation protection.

Adherence to schedules, quality and budget control are our highest priorities when working for our customers. We also make sure we adhere to all applicable laws and regulations wherever we are active.

Due to our company background our activities are mainly focussed on mining and the associated tasks and problems. We are, of course, aware that mining is being viewed with an increasingly critical eye these days due to its impact on the environment and on the social and economic fabric of a region.

The clock is always ticking for a mining or mineral processing operation – its closure will ultimately show how much foresight was used in its planning and operation.

That is why we use our experience to look at the entire lifecycle of a mining or mineral processing operation, and why we always keep our eye on the long-term horizon of an environmentally compliant mine closure and socially acceptable renaturation and re-use of residues.

To that end we develop concepts and technologies, plan and advise using the accumulated expertise of our experienced team and of a network of first-rate partners.

With 45 years of experience in uranium ore mining, more than 15 years spent on the Wismut remediation project and fresh ideas gained from many international projects we help to close mines in an environmentally friendly and economical manner. We also optimise active mining operations with an eye towards the environment and the costs of their eventual closing. In addition, we find economical ways to recycle residues from processing and smelting and offer solutions for dealing effectively with the resulting information and data.

With an eye for the big picture and attention to details.