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The administration of large, inhomogeneous and spatially distributed data covering a variety of different topics is one of the challenges of working on major environmental or cleanup projects today. Our experience in this area comes from working on the large Wismut GmbH project. During our years of working on one the most important environmental projects in Germany and Europe – the remediation of the residues of uranium ore mining in Saxony and Thuringia – we were able to develop the web-based AL.VIS information system with its research, analysis and GIS/map features.

Based on this experience we have over the years continued to expand our range of geoinformatics services. Our core competencies lie in programming and in the introduction of web-based plant information systems targeted at presenting information sets on
  • monitoring and soil sampling data,
  • object data,
  • documents, photos, plans and
  • locations and maps 

to the user quickly and efficiently in an interface.

Our range of services also includes:

  • Application programming (.NET, C#), especially in the area of environmental data management
  • Database development (ORACLE, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL/PostGIS)
  • Implementation and hosting of (web) portals
  • Development of IT Concepts
  • IT consulting services
  • Data migration ("legacy data transfers")