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AL.VIS Data management

The AL.VIS-system provides a suite of software products for the management of object data (monitoring points, mining objects, enterprise objects, buildings, etc) which are linked to monitoring data and background information. The individual AL.VIS-components could be used separately as well as in a complete software package and allow to build complex data search and query functions. AL.VIS is designed as a highly intuitive web-based enterprise information system which only needs the Internet Explorer® on the PCs, no expensive proprietary software installation nor extensive user training.

AL.VIS enables you to:
  • set up a platform for searching environmental data in conjunction with relevant object-related information,
  • ensure a organisation-wide centralised and consistent source of data,
  • perform data querying operations for all organisation-wide available information („show all available data, photos, maps, documents, time series etc. pertaining to this keyword, theme or point on a map“),
  • analyse time series data including advanced statistics,
  • do online interpolations with spatially distributed data,
  • use highly sophisticated mapping functions,
  • easily create any information hierarchy you need,
  • define and administrate users and access rights.