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References of geoinformatic projects

Year Client Description
2020 Wismut GmbH As part of the support of the Wismut Environmental Information System AL.VIS/W, WISUTEC is changing the management of the coordinates of all relevant specialist topics (environmental monitoring, land parcel management, remediation) from GK 4/5 to ETRS/UTM 33/32.
2020 LfU Brandenburg WISUTEC is developing a technical concept for the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment to redesign the software for the management of biotope and planotope data.
2020 IAEA The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has commissioned WISUTEC to set up an Information System for the management of data and information resulting from the environmental remediation of Uranium legacy sites in Kyrgyzstan. The system will be put into operation at the Ministry of Disaster Control in Bishkek.
2019 LfU Brandenburg For the information platform ‘Water’ of the LfU Brandenburg, the object register of the water management systems is completed by us. The software application for managing data for the Water Framework Directive will be switched to the 3rd management cycle.
2019 Research and development WISUTEC participates in a workshop organized by the IAEA in Almaty (Kazakhstan). We present our results from the TRANSPOND R & D project to participants from Central Asia. Our software solution for management Information on radioactively contaminated mining legacies is aroused great interest. Our results were also presented at the opening of the CLIENT II office in Almaty.
2019 BGE The Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung (BGE) uses our software AL.VIS/Timeseries to manage time series resulting from geotechnical measurements. Our software extension for the automatic calculation of time series is also used. This enables the user to implement his own calculation routines.
2019 Research and development The WISUTEC Umwelttechnik GmbH has invited project partners from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to a workshop in Germany to inform about the achieved state of the development of the transnational environmental information system within the framework of the TRANSPOND project. During the 3-day workshop, WISUTEC presented the software solution developed within the framework of the TRANSPOND project for the management of environmental information on radioactively contaminated mining legacies to the project partners. The guests from Central Asia could inform themselves about details of the software architecture, the requirements for use and the planned contents of the system and train the handling themselves.

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2018 Saxon Mining Office WISUTEC participates in the development of the new Saxon mining information system BIS.SAX. The important modules for the data management for all mining legacies are developed by our company and will be part of the new system.
2018 AL.VIS Workshop On June 7, 2018, our workshop "AL.VIS Software Package" was successfully held.
We would like to thank all customers and interested parties from the fields of water management, environmental protection and mining / mining refurbishment for the participation, the constructive discussions as well as the practical contributions from different organizations.
2017 LfU Brandenburg The software solution AL.VIS / Objects is implemented for the LfU Brandenburg as part of the water information platform. AL.VIS / Objects is used to manage data on hydraulic engineering projects and runs with the Web-GIS cardo 4.
2017 Thüringer Landesanstalt für Umwelt und Geologie The TLUG will use the software solution AL.VIS / Objects for the management of data on hydraulic engineering projects. The WISUTEC provides services for data migration and adapts the software solution to the customer-specific requirements.
2017 LfU Brandenburg The software solution AL.VIS / Timeseries is put into operation for the LfU Brandenburg as part the information platform ‘Water’. The software solution works with the Web-GIS cardo 4 and allows the analysis of the spatial situation on the basis of extensive GIS topics, in addition to the search for measurement data in river and stand water bodies.
2017 Wismut GmbH / Projektträger For managing the rehabilitation activities of old sites of uranium mining in Saxony, WISUTEC develops and implements an object cadaster and a project database based on AL.VIS / Objects. WISUTEC also provides a web-based application for managing approvals.
2016 Research and development project We participate in the R & D collaborative project "Distributed sensor network for the monitoring of slopes". The aim of the research project is the development of a wireless sensor network consisting of a multiplier sensor node and a sensor head for detecting ground shifts. The detection of the ground displacement is realized via a multi-sensor system with localization function. On the basis of extensive field investigations, the function and the potential for use of the measuring system are to be demonstrated at different application scenarios (opencast mining, coastal section). Our software AL.VIS / Timeseries forms the basis for the information center. The project is supported by the BMBF (promotion code 16ES0352). project website
2016 Wismut GmbH We are working on the modernization of the environmental database of Wismut GmbH. All software applications are converted to ASP.NET technology. This ensures future browser independence in the use of the environmental database.
2016 LfU Brandenburg WISUTEC is developing the central data models for storing the information on the water management objects and the measured values in the groundwater and surface water for the information platform ‘Water’ of the LfU Brandenburg, which is currently under construction. The data models of the existing software applications AL.VIS / Objects and AL.VIS / Timeseries serve as a basis.
2015 Saxon Mining Authority Development of a new module for the mining cadastre of the Saxon Mining Authority. With this module geometric and object data as well as georeferenced data of mine plans and legacy objects may be transferred and administered in the system. Via a connected Web-GIS, data may be researched.
2015 Wismut GmbH Development and running of a web based software module for the administration of lot information for the Wismut GmbH. The module works with a web-GIS, supported by routines to illustrate workflows of sales or purchases, and it shows lot information in the context of other data (remediated objects, monitoring points, operational units etc.).
2015 research and technological development project WISUTEC is a joint partner in the research and development project „CLIENT – Managing Water Resources for Urban Catchments“. The overall objective is to develop a water resource management system to sustainably improve the water quality in the city of Chaohu and Lake Chaohu in the People’s Republic of China. This is done by implementing the „Urban Water Resources Management“ (UWRM) concept, which includes efficient urban and suburban water management as well as including interactions of aquatic ecosystems. WISUTEC has been charged in the overall project with the development of an early warning system on the basis of online-measurements in and around Lake Chaohu. This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Grant number 02WCL1337J).
2014/2015 Wismut GmbH WISUTEC provides a software for the Wismut GmbH for the automated data transfer from radiological data of data loggers. This is based on the AL.VIS/TS software created by WISUTEC
2014 Landestalsperrenverwaltung Saxony Implementation of a new version of our AL.VIS/timeseries software (based on .NET and PostgreSQL/PostGIS) for the client.
2014 LfULG Saxony WISUTEC was commissioned with the development of a concept for the implementation of a digitization and catalogue system for the state geological archive of the client.
2014 Landestalsperrenverwaltung Saxony WISUTEC was commissioned with the development and extension of the object database which is used for the management of water maintenance plans according to the EC Water Framework Directive.
2013 Wismut GmbH A .NET based system for the management of permits in Wismut GmbH is developed.
2013 Landesamt für Geologie und Bergwesen Sachsen-Anhalt Development of a web-based application for managing imagery data. The application implements interfaces to other specialized applications and provides a web-service for cross-application search.
2012 research and technological development project WISUTEC supplies the data management solution for time series based on AL.VIS/TimeSeries in the project “Development of technologies for automatic recognition of tube deposits in wells for drinking water”.
2012 LUGV Brandenburg WISUTEC was charged with the development of a concept regarding the sustainable improvement of water data management.
2012 Thüringer Landesanstalt für Umwelt und Geologie WISUTEC developed a database system for budgetary planning and project management in the field of hydraulic engineering. This software solution covers the monitoring of current activities, the management of funding projects and the resource planning for the next years.
2011 Thüringer Landesanstalt für Umwelt und Geologie Installation and maintenance of web portal for the management of data and information of flood protection projects.
2011 University of Freiberg Implementation of a database for Lithium resources worldwide. The application is based on Oracle and uses a web-GIS. Additionally to overall data about the resources lab analysis data are stored and processed.
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