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References of Mining Remediation Projects

Year Client Description
2015 - 2017 European Commission - Programme INFC Conducting an integrated environmental impact assessment and feasibility study for the management and remediation of the uranium production legacy sites of Min-Kush and Shekaftar, Kyrgyzstan
2014 - 2016 Consortium with Amec Foster Wheeler PLC UK for the European Commission Establishment of a Regulatory Framework for Uranium Mines and Milling Operations in Mongolia
2014 - 2016 Consortium with Facilia AB for the European Commission - Programme INFC Development of the method (strategy, technology) for the remediation activities at the former uranium facility “Pridneprovskiy Chemical Plant”, Ukraine
2013 - 2015 Wismut GmbH, PTALT Consultancy services for the mine remediation in the south eastern mining field of the shafts No. 44 and 48 Marienberg
2013 - 2015 European Commission - Programme INFC Conducting an integrated environmental impact assessment and feasibility study for the management and remediation of damaged ecological system of uranium production legacy sites of Charkesar and Yangiabad, Uzbekistan
2011 - 2016 Wismut GmbH, PTALT Consultancy services for the mine remediation Rabenberg, sections 1 and 2 in Breitenbrunn
2009 - 2010 ZCCM-IH (Zambian Consolidated Copper Mining – Investment Holding) Preparation of an Environmental Project Brief (EPB) and Design of Remedial Measures for Historical Tailings Material on the Banks of the Luanshya River
Loan/Grant #: CR3741 ZA/H026 ZA
2009 - 2010 Committee of Water Ressources, Republic of Kazakhstan, financing by Worldbank
Komitee für Wasserres-sourcen der Republik Kasachstan (Finanzie-rung durch die Weltbank)
Detailed Design of Works on Containment of High Priority Sources of Groundwater Con-tamination, Loan Agreement 4848 KZ
Sources are five waste heaps with ashes and production residues from metal smelters and power plants, one tailings pond with Uranium and Thorium residues and one tailings pond, containing PCB's
2007 - 2010 ZCCM-IH (Zambian Consolidated Copper Mining – Investment Holding) – halbstaatliche Organisation zur Privatisierung des Sambischen Kupferbergbaus

Finanzierung durch die Weltbank und den Nordischen Umweltfond (NEF)
Remediation of radioactive Uranium tailings in Kitwe (Copperbelt, Northern Zambia)

Part 1:
Safety and Environmental Assessment and Design of Remediation Works for Uranium Tailings at the AMCO Site
Part 2:
Monitoring and Supervision of the Remediation Works for Uranium tailings at the AMCO Site, Kitwe/Zambia
2007 UNDP United Nations Development Programme, Kosovo Mission (Pristina) Environmental Assessment and Remedial Action Plan (EARAP) at Stan Trg/Stari Trg and Artana/Novo Brdo Mines, Emergency measures were derived based on analysis of the real situation, which included mine water management, dust prevention, management undisturbed surface runoff, relocation and erosion protection of Pb/Zn tailings heaps. Complete bidding documents for the detailed design, works and supervision have been prepared.
2006 - 2014 Wismut GmbH Schneckenstein, consultancy services for the mine remediation of sections 1, 2 and shaft No. 347 as well as test pit No. 25
2006 - 2009 European Commission, EuropeAid (EU TACIS Program), Brussels Development of a prototype monitoring, information and early warning system for the Ob/Irtysh river basin, EuropeAid/121579/C/SV/RU
2005 - 2012 Ministerium für Kata-strophenschutz der Republik Kirgisistan (Finanzierung durch die Weltbank) Dizaster Hazard Mitigation Project (DHMP) - Remediation of the Mailu Suu Mining and Milling Wastes

Project management, design, EIA's, project supervision of remediation measures for dumps and tailings pond, residues of former Uranium mining and milling in Mailuu Suu.
Construction of a new storage cell for radioactive material, relocation and remediation of radioactive tailings material
2005 - 2006 MGG Montangrundstücksgesellschaft mbH, Quierschied-Göttelborn, Germany Design and project supervision on securing and remediation of the “Erna” mine shaft
2004 - 2006 Deutsche Steinkohle GmbH (DSK), STEAG Saarenergie, Germany Underground water dam in the Warndt-Luisenthal coal mine, The geotechnical conditions of the surrounding rock were complicated. The hydraulic head above the dam was predicted to be 1100 m, which led to a challenging geotechnical task. Geo-hydraulic conditions in the rock were also not trivial, which necessitated extensive geo-hydraulic testing and a very close supervision of the dam construction works.
2004 - 2005 Ministry of Regional Development, Republic of Bulgaria, using funds of the European Commission (EuropeAid/113349/D/SV/BG) Remediation Programme for the Uranium Mines in Southern Bulgaria
2004 - 2005 MONTEC GmbH on behalf of the mining authority (Bergamt) of the federal state of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany Securing of the “Siegen-Rosterberg” damage, caused by historical mining activities, In January 2004 a sudden subsidence occurred, caused by historic mining activities of a former iron mine in the settlement “Rosterberg” of the town Siegen. Residential houses were seriously damaged, and quick action to prevent the residential area from further collapsing was required
2003 - 2005 European Commission, EuropeAid Co-operation Office Remediation Concept for the Uranium Mines of State Enterprise 'Almaz' in Lermontov, Russia
2003 - 2004 MGG Montangrundstücksgesellschaft mbH, Quierschied-Göttelborn, Germany Concept, design and supervision of the securing and remediation of 5 mine shafts ("Scalley-shafts") of a former lignite mine in Saarland
2002 - 2010 WISMUT GmbH, Financing by German Government and the Federal State of Saxony WISMUT Uranium Mining and Milling Remediation Project, Remediation of former uranium mining and milling sites in Saxony (PT-Alt Project),

Several dozens of sites throughout Saxony are covered by this project.
The main objectives of this project are to close and rehabilitate the mining sites to guarantee a safe environment and no risk to humans and property
1999 - 2008 ÖkoSil (Tallin, Estonia), using funds provided by Nordic Environment Finance Corporation NEFCO, European Union and Estonian Government EIA, technical design, project monitoring and supervision for the environmental remediation of the Sillamäe Tailings Pond
1999 - 2006 Ministry of Regional Development, Bulgaria, using funds from the European Commission Management and Supervision of Works at Closure of the Radioactive Sites Eleshnitsa and Dospat as FIDIC Engineer and Employers Representative. This included remediation of a mining and ore processing waste repository (tailings pond) and construction of a water treatment plan in conjunction with the tailings remediation.
1999 - 2002 Hungarian Ministry of Economy Remediation of the Uranium Mining and Milling Site Pecs, Hungary - Project Supervision
1999 - 2002 European Commission Technical support to the central and eastern European countries by technical planning and identification of remediation measures for the tailings ponds and radioactive waste disposal sites from uranium mining and milling in 7 countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia).
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