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Mining-Related Services

  • Environmental assessment, planning and construction supervision for cleanup and construction measures according to international standards for former mining sites, mine dumps and tailings ponds
  • Planning and construction supervision for the abatement of subsidence damage, closure of underground mining operations and shafts
  • Planning of new ground openings, deposit modelling, environmental assessment, closure concepts as part of replanning
  • Consulting in the areas of uranium mine cleanups, monitoring, radiation protection, NORM disposal and related areas
  • Survey services

Radiation Protection, Natural Radioactivity

  • Radiation protection advice for the handling of materials that contain natural radionuclides (NORM = Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials, TENORM = Technologically Enhanced NORM)
  • Planning and coordination of full cleanup processes (transport, disposal and reclamation) for NORM/TENORM
  • Site investigation, soil sampling, monitoring systems and cleanup-related measuring programs at sites contaminated by radioactive and toxic substances
  • Assessments, dose estimates and feasibility studies in the areas of radioactive substances and NORM
  • Expert opinions, dose calculations, radiological environmental assessments and radiation protection concepts for mining, industry and contracting authorities
  • Preparation of approval documents for obtaining public authority decisions on behalf of the customer
  • Radiometric sorting and clearance measurement of scrap metal using mobile measuring systems for high throughput
  • Disposal/recycling of the radioactive residues of drinking water purification (especially removal of uranium with ion exchangers)